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We loved our experience with Laurie! My husband and I always felt understood and cared for. Laurie doesn't rush with her patients and takes time to get to know you. My delivery was smooth and I didn't feel like just another patient but that I was really important and so was my baby. We would have Laurie deliver all of our babies and wish we still lived close enough to make that happen. She is by far the best doctor I've ever seen!


Kaitlyn Faulkner




I love Laurie! I was at risk of preeclampsia and needed to be induced three weeks early. Laurie checked on me often throughout the day. My labor stopped progressing when I got to about a 9. When she finished her clinical appointments for the day, she stayed with me until the baby was born at 1:00 in the morning. She was so comforting and kind. She also used

several methods to resume my labor. We finally decided that a C-section was necessary for me. She was so supportive through it all and attended the C-section (performed by Doctor Newman, who is also wonderful!). She continued to check on me while I was in the hospital. I am so grateful that she was so willing to give me the help I needed, even when I was not technically her patient anymore. I felt better knowing that if there had been any way to avoid a C-section in my case, she would have found it. I loved being able to have the best of both worlds by choosing Laurie--a midwife who was very encouraging and accommodating as well as having the security of being in a hospital to lessen the medical concerns I had. She has a great relationship with the doctors she works with. She also delivered my third baby. That labor went smoothly and was a successful VBAC. (She couldn't legally deliver my second baby because I had a C-section the first time, but I was happy to go back to her with my third.) She has always shown me that she genuinely cares about me. I never feel silly asking her questions or discussing my problems and she is always kind and compassionate.


Tyree Batt




Laurie saw my for my 2nd baby and it was the best experience. She is very professional and always made the time to talk to me about my needs and any questions I had. When I got to the hospital dilated to an 8, she hurried in and made sure I was in the most comfortable position (whatever position I wanted) for Labor. She checked me, saw where the baby was, and suggested I deliver on my side, and 2 pushes later that baby was out. She knows what she's doing and she puts you first, always. I plan to see her with all my babies and recommend her to everyone!


Kiera Rogers




I loved having Laurie as my doctor. I drove from out of state for both of my deliveries. She was helpful, gentle and extremely professional! I would recommend anyone and everyone to her. Thanks again!


Brandi Hunter




Laurie delivered both of my baby's so far, and I never want to get a new Ob. She is really personable and I feel like she really knows me personally and cares about me my babies and our health. I think one of my favorite things about Laurie is she will tell you what's up and not sugar cote it. Her office is also really good to follow up on all test results, and they are really good at answering any pregnancy questions that you have. Basically they are awesome.


Amanda Barton




Laurie Hansen is a wonderful midwife. She took care of me with my first pregnancy, she always explained things in detail and told me what she was doing step by step in any exams I was nervous about. She's super friendly and makes sure you're always comfortable. She wants what's best for you and baby and she's just on top of everything whether its medication, personal matters, your concerns, etc. Her assistants are great too. Everyone in the office, including Laurie, are always smiling and helpful. I recommend 101%.


Nicole Cox




Never in my life have I felt as comfortable and at home in a doctor's office as I feel in Laurie Hansen's office. Her staff are extremely friendly and personable. Laurie and her staff always made me feel like I was their only patient.


Laurie treated me so well and no matter how long it took, she always answered all of my questions (and there were a lot).


When I was anxious and scared, she calmed me down with her positive and realistic attitude. My experience with Laurie has been the most positive health care experience I have ever had. I started going to Laurie for my annual check up and then I got pregnant with my first child (who was born in September) and I got very used to seeing Laurie and her staff each month (and then every two weeks). I am actually quite sad I will not get to see them as often now.


Thank you Laurie for making me feel empowered, never judging me and always making me feel like like your favorite!


Kelli Empey




Dear Laurie,


Thank you so much for all you do.  Once again, you have helped us to have another exceptional and particularly special birthing experience that has reminded us why we love you so much.


I am especially grateful this time around for your attention to my boys who attended the delivery.  I had tried to prepare them the best I could, but was still a bit anxious about the possibility of it being traumatic for them if something were to go wrong or if they were affected by seeing me in so much pain.  You helped make it such a positive experience for our whole family.  I had warned the boys ahead of time that they would likely see me scream louder than they had ever heard me do before when I pushed the baby out, but your coaching helped me to relax through the pain.  Since the birth, the boys haven’t been able to stop saying to me, “you didn’t even scream, Mom!”  Haha!  I was writing in my journal yesterday about the whole experience and was reminded of all the things you took the time to show and explain to the boys.  They were so fascinated with the whole process and had a really positive experience.  Everyone thought I was crazy to take my boys to the delivery, but you were so supportive of the idea it made me not feel so crazy for considering it.  I am so very grateful that they got to be there and have such a wonderful experience.  It couldn’t have been so special for the kids without your kind attentions to them.  Thank you so much!


Thank you also for continuing to think about me after I was discharged from the hospital.  Having had such difficult recoveries in the past, I am never quite sure how terrible I “should” really feel after delivering a baby, and that makes me reluctant to seek medical attention afterward.  But, I’m so glad you took the time to consider my circumstances and to check up on me regularly so that you knew to prescribe the antibiotics.  They made such a huge difference!  I felt so much better after they started kicking in and this is the first time I’ve had the strength to care for the baby myself in the night.  I am usually so sick that I can’t wake myself enough to do that unassisted.  And, it has been such a blessing in helping me bond more quickly with the baby this time around—what a beautiful thing that is!


Anyway, I hope you know how much we love and appreciate you.  You are truly exceptional at what you do and we are so grateful to have found you.  Thanks for caring for me so well!


Jenny and Cam Norton




I want to express my gratitude for Laurie Hansen and what she has done for me and my family. I have seen her for all of my pregnancies, she has delivered both of my babies and will soon deliver #3. Laurie has been able to safely manage my pregnancies even though I am a high risk patient risk due to pregnancy complications. She has made sure to consult with other Doctors as needed for my high risk care. Both of my births were so wonderful. She and her office staff helped educate me and keep me informed throughout the entire pregnancy. Laurie Hansen and her staff are so warm and welcome. I also want to acknowledge that I have been able to decide on natural vs epidural labors without feeling judged or pressured from Laurie or her office staff. I did natural for my first two and now I am excited to give an epidural a try. The staff have been open to letting me decide what I feel I want to do which is nice to know that I am in charge of my own experience. I just want to say thank you to Laurie. I know that from the very first labor with my first child most other Doctors would have given me a c-section, but Laurie was patient and carefully monitored me. She knew how much I didn’t want the c-section. Thank you again Laurie and her staff!!





Laurie was absolutely wonderful. She listened and helped me with anything I needed, without making me feel like I was taking up too much time. She is not only very knowledgeable, but she also follows her instincts. I would recommend her to anyone. I've gone to Laurie for two births and am currently going to her for my third. So far, I have had both a natural birth and a medicated birth. Laurie never pushed me either way; she just took the time to educate me about the different child birthing processes, then allowed me to make my own decision, and supported me until the end. I will never go anywhere else! I loved the care I got from her, her staff and everything about my experience with her. I am grateful that she has been there for me.





I love Laurie and her staff I went to another local doc office were they had 4 docs in one office i never saw the same person and was always having to correct them on my info i changed to Laurie she was great its one on one care and she has a great office staff i always was treated with the best respect and when I became a high risk preg Laurie kept me as patient and had other OBGYN’s assist with me. I was put on bed rest and she would come to my house to collect test. I was also admitted into the hospital and she was so nice and caring she would come and talk to me and my husband and made us feel like one of her kids. She has so much heart and cares so much about your preg and baby. I couldn’t even think about my delivery with out her she was the best i could ask for she really knows her stuff and so does her staff. THIS IS THE BEST CARE YOU WILL GET!!!!!!!!! thank you Laurie/Staff for all you did for us you are angels.


Liz H.




Went to Laurie for the youngest three of my four children. Very thorough - never felt rushed at an office visit, and felt like my concerns were listened to and addressed. She informs her patients, allows them to make their own decisions about the child birthing process, and supports them in their decisions.






I went to Laurie Hansen for the births of my children and had an amazing experience. She was very competent, cared about helping me have the experience I wanted, and helped make a very important life event into memories I will cherish forever. The office staff is cheerful and helpful. A wonderful place to receive your care.




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