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We encourage you to choose the best way to deliver your baby whether you choose a natural birth or epidural anesthesia. With Laurie Hansen, CNM, you are free to labor and birth in any position you desire. Conveniently, we have tubs and showers in every labor room, and we encourage their use as desired. We encourage immediate infant bonding and breastfeeding, with all babies being delivered to you, not to the infant crib. We provide “Couplet Care”, and most babies never leave their mother’s side. We know how important it is to have your husband/partner and (if desired) children and family involved in the birthing process.  We essentially support your choices during labor and birth.



Pregnancy Services Laurie Will Assist You With:


Expert, personalized care and attention throughout pregnancy and birth.

Guided imagery and relaxation (including methods by Bradley, Hypnobirth Mongan method, Penny Simkin and other)

Position(s) of your choice for labor and birth

Epidural anesthesia

Husband, children and family involvement, as much or little as desired

Confidential and compassionate staff

Jacuzzi tub and shower labors

Labor or "Birthing" ball

IV Pain Medication

Couplet Care with skin to skin contact at birth if desired

Willingness to listen to your needs

Specialized childbirth education, including but not limited to Childbirth Classes, Carseat Safety, Infant CPR, Hypnobirthing, Bradley, etc.

Births are at Valley View Medical Center Obstetrics Floor, Cedar City, UT



Pre Pregnancy/Preconceptual Counseling:


Laurie will provide guidance and support for women planning their family, including education, identification and treatment of problems, and a medical exam, so you can start your pregnancy in the best way possible.  We will also explain the differences/similarities between an obstetrician and a nurse midwife, helping you to choose the most appropriate person to care for you during your pregnancy.



Gynecological Care Services Include:


Premarital exams and counseling

Family Planning

Well women exams/papsmears

Abnormal bleeding

Pelvic infections



Vaginal problems

Pelvic pain

Bladder problems

Breast concerns

Basic nutritional counseling

Infertility evaluation and work-up



Gyn Family Planning Services Include:


10 Yr. Paraguard IUD

5 Yr. Mirena IUD

3 Yr. Skyla IUD

Implanon (3 Yr. Arm Implant)

Birth Control Pills

Nuva Ring

Mini Pill

Depoprovera Injection


The Patch

Natural Family Planning



Menopausal Gyn Care:


Sensitive and appropriate care

Bio-identical hormones

Traditional hormonal treatment



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Our OB/GYN experts will make your pregnancy and childbirth experience more pleasant. Call us for more information.

S. Laurie Hansen, CNM

Certified Nurse Midwife for

Women's Health



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